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More than half a century ago, British author J.R.R. Tolkien created the world-famous “The Lord of the Rings” (LOTR) trilogy. This trilogy tells the story of the Hobbit Frodo and all he comes in contact with as they try to destroy the so-called One Ring that threatens to destroy the world.

The Hobbit Audiobook – Download Free

download the hobbit audiobook mp3This story actually begins before the trilogy. In Tolkien’s older work “The Hobbit”, Frodo’s uncle Bilbo Baggins finds the ring in the dark caves in the Misty Mountains, where Smaug the dragon lives. Bilbo meets a strange creature called Gollum who calls the ring “My Precious” and calls Bilbo a thief when he realizes that Bilbo has gone away with the ring.

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The Fellowship of the Ring Audiobook – Download Free

fellowship audiobookWhen “Fellowship of the Ring”, the first book in the LOTR trilogy opens, Bilbo has gotten old and written a book about his travels years earlier. He decides to give the ring to his nephew Frodo, who has never been outside of of their small hometown. On the night of his birthday, Bilbo disappears, leaving Frodo to wonder where his favorite uncle has gone.

Gandalf visits young Frodo and tells him the strange history of the ring, starting with the ultimate evil being Sauron, who is now searching for the ring with the help of frightening ghost riders called the Nazgul. Gandalf suggests that Frodo go to the elves to find out what to do with the ring. Frodo’s friends Samwise, Peregrin and Meriadoc are enlisted to help.

Eventually, the hobbits meet up with Aragorn, a mysterious human, who helps them get to the elves. It is determined that Frodo should throw the ring in a volcano in Mordor, in order to destroy Sauron, who is training an army of creatures called Orcs. The hobbits set out with Aragorn and another human, Gandalf, a dwarf and an elf named Legolas. The group is the fellowship in the title.

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The Two Towers Audiobook – Download Free

two towers audiobookBy the time “Two Towers” starts, the second book in the trilogy begins, Gandalf has appeared to die protecting the group, Peregrin and Meriadoc have been captured by Sauron’s army and Aragorn and other friends have gone to save them. Frodo is rapidly becoming ill because of the pressure that the ring is putting on him. There is an epic battle between Sauron’s army and those of men, who are aided by elves and Gandalf, who has returned with a legendary ghost army.

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The Return of the King Audiobook – Download Free

return of the king audiobookIn the last book of the trilogy, “The Return of the King”, it is revealed that Aragorn is actually the rightful king of the humans on earth. However, things are still dire for Frodo, who is still trying to make his way to Mordor. Gollum, the creature who had the ring stolen from him by Bilbo, has managed to find Frodo and Samwise, and becomes a reluctant companion. In the climax of the story, Frodo and Gollum go over the edge of a cliff in the volcano. Gollum is destroyed along with the ring, and Frodo is taken to safety. He is changed forever and decides to go into the west with the elves, who are leaving the world to humans.

Now that you know a little about the trilogy, think about reading the stories for yourself.

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